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Adults Martial Arts and Fitness Programs
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Adult Programs at Vernal Martial Arts

When you were a child, you probably heard about karate on television or the radio and wished that you could try it out; with Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center these long-time dreams can become a reality as you discover the health benefits and protection tools that karate has to offer you.

A Fun Exercise Routine
As we grow older, taking time to exercise is often something we put on the bottom of our priority list. No matter how much we want to get in shape, it just isn’t something we have the resources or the determination to tackle on our own. At our studio, we are proud to offer martial arts classes which will get you in great physical shape. Not only are these classes able to transform your body over a short period of time, but they also offer a fun alternative to the other traditional exercise routines.

Protect Yourself
In a world full of danger, wouldn’t it be nice to have the certainty that you can protect yourself and your family? With the skills learned in at our Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center, you will discover your inner protector and bringing it out through martial arts routines you will be able to use. Let us give you the confidence you need to take care of yourself!

If You Can Walk, You Can Learn Karate!
Are you worried that you’re too old, too out-of-shape, or too lazy to learn martial arts? Do not let any of these concerns stand in your way; here at the Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center, we are proud to offer unique and individually-based classes for anyone interested in learning the skills of this ancient art. Our highly trained professional staff will evaluate your abilities and then place you in a class that can best cater to your personal needs. If you can still walk, then you can learn and succeed in karate.

Improve Your Self-Esteem
A low self-esteem is something that many people deal with. Let the skills learned in karate give you a healthy boost to your self-esteem as you learn useful protection skills, gain determination, and get the body you want. Don’t be a slave to low self-esteem any longer!

More Than Just Kicking
Our classes offer more than just the ability to throw a good kick; instead, we at Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center work with your body and mind to form the best martial arts student that you can be. Not only do we offer practical, useful skills such as striking skills and self-defense tools, but we are also proud to instruct our students in separate, stand-alone Korean sword training. Ask us about these special classes and how you can learn to weld a sword just like a professional!

Too Busy for Karate?
As adults, it often seems that our days are bombarded with activities and events that we have to squeeze onto our calendars; few actually think that they will have time to add karate to their already busy lives. Here at Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center, we will work around your schedule to sign you up for classes you can easily attend. Since we are one of the largest and most highly respected martial arts studios in the area, our large client base allows us to offer classes to anyone who wants them.

Classes Just for You
Our classes will cater to your personal needs and abilities. Each and every class will offer the following:

Conditioning and Stretching
Practical Self-Defense Skills
Healthy Exercise Routine
Lots of Fun for Everyone!

Karate has so much to offer and our classes are ready to help you discover what you have been missing in martial arts. Say “hello” to a healthy, confident, able you and call our studio today to schedule your free trial class.
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