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Free Bully Proof Kids Program Vernal, Utah
Free Bully Proof Workshop for Kids in the Vernal Utah Area
Free Kid Safe Workshop for Kids in the Vernal Utah Area
Free Adult Self Defense Workshop for Men and Women in the Vernal Utah area
Bully Proof Your Child

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions and occurs in schools across the country. Every day the news features stories of extreme bullying. Yet, all types of bullying exist. Being the target of a bully can take a serious toll on your child's physical, mental, and emotional health. Whether it's verbal, social, physical, or cyber-bullying, millions of kids fall prey to peers who terrorize them. Bullies don't target a child once. It tends to be a repetitive form of mental or physical harm. At Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center we believe in arming children with the tools to stand up to bullies the right way.

Help Your Child Develop the Skills to Protect Themselves

At Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center we offer free community Bully Proof Workshops for children of all ages and experience levels. Our goal is to make our communities bully-free. Enough is enough! It's time to stop the epidemic and help all children thrive in school without the threat of teasing, taunting, or physical harm. Our highly skilled, professional instructors teach children techniques and martial arts that will build their confidence and boost their self esteem. An empowered child is much less likely to be the target of bullying. Our workshops teach children:

  • How to Recognize a Volatile Situation – We teach kids how to recognize the signs of bullying and how to determine if the situation will escalate. Techniques for a situation that may lead to physical harm include avoiding being alone, staying in a group of people, and telling an adult. We don't believe in advocating violence. Instead, we promote handling the situation before it reaches that point.

  • How to Avoid Bullies – Part of the focus of our Bully Proof Workshop at Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center is avoidance. While this is not always possible, we educate children on trying to avoid the situation altogether.

  • Taking the High Road – When a child is empowered and confident they don't feel the need for retaliation. They do not let the bully's attempts to provoke them lead to a serious confrontation. We help children build self esteem so that annoying bullies won't push them over the edge. Our instructors also provide information for dealing with the situation in a mature, age-appropriate manner.

  • Self-Defense – Our Bully Proof Workshops show children valuable, easy, logical self-defense tactics to be used as a last resort. When all other techniques have failed and your child is at risk for being the target of violence, they need to know how to defend themselves and diffuse their attacker. Even if they never use the skills the learn, they will have confidence knowing that they can defend themselves if the situation arises.

More Than Just Bully Protection

Our Bully Proof Workshop here at Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center imparts valuable skills and knowledge to students. Yet, kids won't feel like they're sitting in class. Martial arts involves dynamic moves and exercise to keep your child engaged. They will have a blast while learning skills that can be applied to their daily lives. Our incredible instructors are well versed in bringing out the best in each student so that they can succeed and reach their goals. You will have peace of mind knowing that your child will have the know-how to handle bullies and keep themselves safe.

Take advantage of our FREE community event by reserving your child's spot TODAY! Call us at 435-790-9513 to prevent the devastating effects of bullying.

FREE Specialty Self-Defense Workshops

In addition to our Bully Proof Workshop, here at Basin Vernal Martial Arts & Kids Karate Center we offer free self-defense workshops for groups. Church groups, clubs and organizations, workplace groups, school groups, women, law-enforcement training, and other groups, are welcome to learn essential self-defense skills with our trained, professional instructors. Call us today at (435) 781-1323 to make arrangements.

YES! We do Specialty Self Defense Workshops!!

Do you have a group that would benefit from or enjoy a FREE self defense seminar? – WE DO THAT!

·         Church Groups & Societies

·         Work and Office groups

·         Social clubs or organizations

·         Schools Groups

·         Auxillaries

·         Special focus; Women, Law enforcement, Office trainings etc.

Call us to make special arrangements (435) 781-1323


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